As I’ve been telling my boys since they were born, “S stands for Snakes”.

And then the other day, I stepped on one. I’d gone to retrieve a shovel on the edge of long grass. As I stepped away, I subconsciously registered that something under my foot (I was in sandals) had felt unexpected – it felt long, narrow, hard, … and soft, all at the same time. How can that be? By the time I turned around, still not really thinking, to see what might have been under my foot, I was a couple of metres away, and thought, ‘oh, I’ve stepped on a lizard!

So I went closer, and saw that it was a lizard with no head – its body, in fact, just kept going, and going, and going. I think it kept going for about 7 feet. That’s quite long really for a lizard. It’s also long for a snake. I can only assume it didn’t care I stepped on its tail because it couldn’t be bothered to move its head so far back. Continue reading