Food provenance

It’s happened. We’ve done our first home kill.

We now have a chest freezer full to bursting of beef. Scotch fillet, sirloin, rump, top side steak, round steak, osso bucco, steak for casseroles and stews, beef for roasting and beef for barbecuing, beef mince and beef sausages. Except for T-bone steaks (we decided against them), you name it, we’ve got. Anyone dining at our place over the coming months, be warned, beef will be on the menu.


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A home kill

I feel conflicted.

In fact, before I go on, I think it’s probably best that I include a warning. Here it is:

VEGETARIANS: read no further!

A few weeks ago we bought three weaner steers. They’re 7 months old, black and beautiful.

The thing is, one of them is going to end up on our dinner plates. Hmm, yes, that’s right. And there is certainly part of me that doesn’t feel all that comfortable about it. Continue reading