Pumps, Friends, and Barbed Wire


barb wireThe other day, I found myself helping to fix a barbed wire fence in the dark. This is no easy task, as things can get a little ‘prickly’. It was however, fun, thanks to the fact that Bec H and Hubs were right beside me, wrangling with the ‘barb wire tightening tool’ (otherwise known as ‘strainers’. If you’ve ever tried using this tool without a demonstration, it would baffle even the keenest of practical minds, let alone using it in the dark. I myself have seen it in use multiple times, and it’s still a mystery to me… So in fact at this point I should admit that on this occasion I actually just stood there, murmuring words of encouragement to my friends as they ‘strained’ in the darkness that comes after dusk). Continue reading