Best in Show

Our local country show, The Wallamba District Show was held on Saturday. It’s an event that’s branded onto my annual social calendar. I don’t miss if for anything. Neither does The Kid. He attended his first Show at 4 days old (next week he turns 9) and he’s been to every Show since, bar the 2 that were sadly and record-breakingly washed-out.

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It was my birthday and I cried because I wanted to


** In a sad note today, we have heard the little boy passed away peacefully this afternoon (Wednesday Nov 25). There are no words, except to say we are thinking of him and his family.

With my four-year-old at a not-for-profit community preschool, I sit – not very well admittedly – amidst a wonderful preschool committee. Not so long ago – about 8 weeks ago actually – our committee heard about the sibling of one of our preschool children. The seven-year-old had once attended our preschool but was diagnosed with cancer early this year. Now, after several months of treatment, they stopped it. It wasn’t working.

I wonder at the power of empathy and if humanity listened to it more would the world be a better place?  For myself, after I heard the news I would just start crying at odd times. I have shed tears all over the place, and I don’t even know the family. And it wasn’t just me.

It very quickly became obvious to us all that we had to do … something. After all, though nothing could fix this, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps there is some small comfort in knowing that your community cares.

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Birthday celebrations

Last Saturday we had our monthly Farmers’ Market. It was a big occasion as we were celebrating the Market’s 10th anniversary. The day was hugely successful with extra stall holders in attendance, an abundance of fresh, delicious local produce, plants and seedlings bursting with Spring energy, swarms of people and a warm, sunny, happy day to mark the last day of Autumn.

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Pumps, Friends, and Barbed Wire


barb wireThe other day, I found myself helping to fix a barbed wire fence in the dark. This is no easy task, as things can get a little ‘prickly’. It was however, fun, thanks to the fact that Bec H and Hubs were right beside me, wrangling with the ‘barb wire tightening tool’ (otherwise known as ‘strainers’. If you’ve ever tried using this tool without a demonstration, it would baffle even the keenest of practical minds, let alone using it in the dark. I myself have seen it in use multiple times, and it’s still a mystery to me… So in fact at this point I should admit that on this occasion I actually just stood there, murmuring words of encouragement to my friends as they ‘strained’ in the darkness that comes after dusk). Continue reading