Bec C’s Garden

It's A Jungle Out There

Bec C: I photographed my veggie patch this week (late March 2012) in the firm belief that it was important to show readers that even if a veggie patch can’t be a source of sustenance for a household, it could still be an educational one (ie. See, this is how a bean grows… or should grow… Now eat it!). Whilst my green thumb abilities aren’t on a par with Bec H’s, my will is strong (the fact that I spent alot of money on good soil also helps). It might also help if, once planted, I actually looked after the garden. But I’m still struggling with that… I subscribe to the ‘plant and forget’ school of gardening – which (here is my only handy tip!) herbs, fortunately, quite seem to like!

"Bean There"

Son, This Is A Bean

Odd but Tasty Tomatoes

Bursting Basil

Terrific Tarragon

A little red miracle

... Out of the Abyss



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