from BecH

Early Summer 2011/12

Disclaimer: I am not a horticulturalist, I have no qualifications in anything to do with gardening.

I just love gardens generally, I love spending time gardening and I love my vegie patch. I love eating things that we have nurtured ourselves and I love that my son can see how cucumbers grow, where peaches come from and what it tastes like to eat a home-grown strawberry straight out of the patch.

So these tips are based purely on my experience and as a result of having made many mistakes along the way. Somehow the idea of putting a seed in the ground, watching a plant grow and then eating its fruit seems so simple and easy and yet often, many of us struggle to get a vegie patch that’s producing all-year ‘round. Surely I can make that happen?

Share in my gardening delights and disasters, in the:

House garden
Vegie patch, and

If you’re interested in seeing photos, check out the Gallery.



7 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. What about when you bite into your homegrown strawberry only to find a juicy worm has beaten you to it? I’d like to hear that story. Tell it like it is.

    • Good point Elvis… some of our strawberries do get attacked as we don’t use any chemicals, but we manage to avoid eating those ones ourselves. Sounds like you might have had a nasty experience yourself at some time?

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