Wallamba District Show


Officially known as The Wallamba District Agricultural & Horticultural Show, but more commonly known to locals as The Nabiac Show, the annual agricultural show started in 1911. Here is a little excerpt from our local newsletter which covers a little history of the Show:

Show history


A hot and sunny Autumn day. Our entries were pretty poor in 2014, only rosemary from Bec H (which won 1st prize in the Open Herb section) and a Lego creation by Thomas and space Lego display by The Kid (which won 2nd prize), in the Hobby section of the Children’s Program.

For more on the 2014 Show, click here.


Cancelled and washed-out, but the judging still went ahead! To read more about the 2013 Show, click here and here.

Top left and below: all dressed up, and no-one to see it; Top right: Bec H’s crochet entries; Middle left and bottom right: Bec C’s ahem… “Award Winning” Double Choc Brownies; Green shot 1: Thomas’ “Award Winning” Spinach; Green shot 2: “Award Winning” Herbs: (in this case, Lemonbalm); Middle right, top: Bec C’s Lemon Meringue Pie, which was made for the Saturday ‘Bake-Off’ but she sadly had to eat it herself when the Show was cancelled; Middle right, bottom:  Bec C’s Not Award Winning Spicy Pear and Ginger Chutney; Left, second from bottom: Bec C’c scones, which she suspected would not have won (no ‘uniformity’ between each scone you see, as she shapes them by hand in a ball) so she decided to eat them too.


A quiet year for the Two Becs, here is Bec H’s rosemary in the Produce Hall, awarded 2nd Prize in the Open Herb section.

Prize winning rosemary




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