Saturday Night Fever

IMAG1011_1_Sophia_GroundWell there’s no doubt about it. If the recent inaugural Nabiac Winter Ball is anything to go by, Nabiac and its ‘environs’ celebrates ‘community’ with a certain panache. I say this with a certain amount of pride, as I had my own little role to play in putting it together. And really, there’s nothing like organising an event with others to make you feel a part of something ‘greater’… You know, ‘the greater good’ and all that. In fact, I’ve heard that people who do volunteer work are much happier than people who don’t.

Well, I can well believe it (not that that feeling of contribution towards the greater good can carry you through at all times, as we’ve…er… cough, cough…all seen). But as part of a team of migrant locals organising something for the community and its hall, this felt good. Actually, it felt great. As someone wrote to us after the event, ‘you all do ‘community’ so well’… (of course, it goes without saying that if it had been a disaster I would be distancing myself from any involvement whatsoever). Continue reading


Motherhood – a performance review

When Bec H and I began this blog, the aim was to maintain the theme of ‘when city meets country’. Sadly, I am very late with my entry this time around, as I haven’t been able to reconcile this theme with what has been occupying my mind – namely, children – and so haven’t known how to begin.

So, as Julie Andrews once sang in joyful song, how about I “start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start”.

When my first son was born, I received many cards saying ‘this is the happiest time of your life… Enjoy… etc etc’. But really, I don’t know that ‘happiest’ is how I would describe it. In fact, I found motherhood pretty overwhelming. As one great friend said – ‘Bec, you’ve just had major abdominal surgery [emergency cesaerean], and someone has shoved a baby into your arms as soon as you’re out of the operating theatre and said – here, look after this 24hrs a day’. Continue reading