Jones: Jack Russell terrier

Jones turned 1 this week.

Dirty Dog

Not for his sake, but for the sake of The Kid, we celebrated. I made a birthday cake. Don’t laugh. If you google ‘dog birthday cake recipe’ (OK, you don’t need to do it, just trust me), there’s a plethora of suggestions, all with hundreds of reviews, suggesting that there are a heck of a lot of people out there making cakes to celebrate their pooch’s birthdays. Who would have thought? Continue reading


And the winner is…

… both of us!

But first, we need to back-track. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you would have seen that, due to the horrendous weather on the NSW mid-north coast over the past two weeks, the Nabiac Show was cancelled, on the morning of the Show.

In the 24 hours leading up to the Show, we recorded 192mm here at our place. Falling onto a completely saturated landscape, the water just ran into the creeks and rivers. We were flooded in, and had the Show gone ahead, we wouldn’t have made it anyway.

Flooded causeway Continue reading

It’s Showtime… again!

Well, can you believe it, a year has passed since my first blog. Incredibly, we don’t seem to have run out of things to talk about yet… In fact, on the contrary, there’s just more and more to say! (I can hear you writhing with excitement at the thought).

I am able to mark this significant date without even looking at the calendar, because as those of you who are particularly observant might have noticed from my title, it’s SHOWTIME again! Yes, that’s right, the Nabiac Show is on this Saturday. If anyone wants to make the trip up, it’s significantly less than the Royal Easter Show to get in – $7 adult; you don’t need to pay for parking; and highlights include the Demolition Derby at 6.30pm, and the Pie Baking Competition at 12. Oh, and the Kids and their Pets section for which Bec H’s and my boys and dogs will dress up as Spiderman with their ‘spiders’ for the Best Dressed Pets category. Continue reading

Excess Oranges Part 2

(NB: this is a comment cunningly disguised as a post, as I needed to insert photos)

Thanks Bec for making me look like I am a good producer (what a bit of luck!). By contrast, here is my lemon crop…

Survival of the Fittest

NB: I have not eaten or given away any others. This is it. I look forward to those orange recipes!

(Legitimate blog to follow on Monday!)

Excess oranges

One of the things you have to get used to, growing your own produce, is that when things come into season, you generally have heaps of the one fruit or vegetable (assuming the rabbits or wallabies haven’t helped themselves to your crop. Damn those rabbits). Conversely when things are out of season, that’s just it, there are none.

This is the beauty of eating with the seasons – you make the most of produce when it’s fresh and tasty and you seek alternatives for your meals when they’re no longer in season. We’re so used to being able to buy what we want, when we want it, I think we’ve forgotten when we should be picking and eating apples from the tree, when strawberries are at their best and when broccoli is being harvested. Because they’re in our supermarkets all the time. Goodness knows how far they’ve travelled, how long they’ve been frozen for, or what chemicals have been used to keep them looking good.

To get more into sync with Mother Nature, we’re trying to eat food that is as fresh and as local as possible. Continue reading