Christmas Tree Festivus

We’ve started a Christmas tradition. This December was its third incarnation. The Getting of the Christmas Tree. This year, Hubs named it Christmas Tree Festivus. And so it shall be known, from here on in. On Monday 2nd December we went with two other families (Bec C’s being one of them) to the Burrell Creek Christmas Tree Farm and collected our Christmas trees.

About this time last year, the Christmas Tree Farm was hit by a severe hail storm and many of their trees suffered significant damage. So much so that there will be no trees available for Christmas 2014. What will become of our fledging tradition? The rows and rows of tiny trees will be ready for cutting in Christmas 2015. Relying on the weather, or lack thereof, for your livelihood can be tough.

The Christmas Tree Farm has acres and acres of trees planted in neat, long rows. Everyone piles onto the back of a large flatbed trailer and the owner of the farm drives his tractor through the paddocks, excited customers bouncing up and down and hanging on tightly behind. Because of the limited stock this year, our three trees had already been tagged. In previous years, we’ve wandered the rows hand-picking our favourite tree to take home with us. Continue reading

Christmas In November

DSC_1962We have, ummm, been celebrating the Christmas season since Halloween. This is not because we have been consumed by religious fervour (not much of that here. In fact, errr, quite the opposite), but because the only thing that would appease young Thomas from the disappointment of not being allowed to ‘celebrate’ Halloween (“no darling, we don’t live in America, we are not Americans, it is not our holiday”), was me agreeing to let him put up some Christmas decorations instead. Why not? Continue reading

Saturday Night Fever

IMAG1011_1_Sophia_GroundWell there’s no doubt about it. If the recent inaugural Nabiac Winter Ball is anything to go by, Nabiac and its ‘environs’ celebrates ‘community’ with a certain panache. I say this with a certain amount of pride, as I had my own little role to play in putting it together. And really, there’s nothing like organising an event with others to make you feel a part of something ‘greater’… You know, ‘the greater good’ and all that. In fact, I’ve heard that people who do volunteer work are much happier than people who don’t.

Well, I can well believe it (not that that feeling of contribution towards the greater good can carry you through at all times, as we’ve…er… cough, cough…all seen). But as part of a team of migrant locals organising something for the community and its hall, this felt good. Actually, it felt great. As someone wrote to us after the event, ‘you all do ‘community’ so well’… (of course, it goes without saying that if it had been a disaster I would be distancing myself from any involvement whatsoever). Continue reading

Shakespeare in the Park


Well, the fervour from the cancelled Nabiac show has died down (didn’t take long… maybe 2 days?!), so I decided to take the edge off the come-down by heading over to another kind of show – the annual Shakespeare in Gloucester Festival. I have been looking at the road signs which spring up in the leadup to this festival for 10 years now, and have always wondered about it, but never made it there. It’s not really what you would expect, is it, out in the middle of the Australian countryside in a small town. As far as I can recall from my English classes, I don’t recall Shakespeare setting foot in Australia 100 years or so prior to colonisation?

Continue reading

And the winner is…

… both of us!

But first, we need to back-track. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you would have seen that, due to the horrendous weather on the NSW mid-north coast over the past two weeks, the Nabiac Show was cancelled, on the morning of the Show.

In the 24 hours leading up to the Show, we recorded 192mm here at our place. Falling onto a completely saturated landscape, the water just ran into the creeks and rivers. We were flooded in, and had the Show gone ahead, we wouldn’t have made it anyway.

Flooded causeway Continue reading

It’s Showtime… again!

Well, can you believe it, a year has passed since my first blog. Incredibly, we don’t seem to have run out of things to talk about yet… In fact, on the contrary, there’s just more and more to say! (I can hear you writhing with excitement at the thought).

I am able to mark this significant date without even looking at the calendar, because as those of you who are particularly observant might have noticed from my title, it’s SHOWTIME again! Yes, that’s right, the Nabiac Show is on this Saturday. If anyone wants to make the trip up, it’s significantly less than the Royal Easter Show to get in – $7 adult; you don’t need to pay for parking; and highlights include the Demolition Derby at 6.30pm, and the Pie Baking Competition at 12. Oh, and the Kids and their Pets section for which Bec H’s and my boys and dogs will dress up as Spiderman with their ‘spiders’ for the Best Dressed Pets category. Continue reading