Christmas In November

DSC_1962We have, ummm, been celebrating the Christmas season since Halloween. This is not because we have been consumed by religious fervour (not much of that here. In fact, errr, quite the opposite), but because the only thing that would appease young Thomas from the disappointment of not being allowed to ‘celebrate’ Halloween (“no darling, we don’t live in America, we are not Americans, it is not our holiday”), was me agreeing to let him put up some Christmas decorations instead. Why not?

Well, what a turnaround. Halloween didn’t get a look in after that. A bit of tinsel here, a Christmas stocking there… Actually, about our stockings – they are really something very special. There is a local woman whose passion is quilting. In fact, every year she heads off to America for the International Quilting Convention – which apparently consists of pavillion upon pavillion of, well, quilting stalls! It’s so intense, she has to come home via Hawaii for a week’s rest! Anyway, Jenny’s (that’s her name) gift to the region is presenting every new local child that she comes across with their very own personalized Christmas stocking. For free. From the big deep well of her generous heart. She’s been doing it for many years – that’s thousands of stockings. Simply because she likes to think of those children – there are about 50 new stockings every Christmas – waking up to her stockings, and looking into them with the excitement of a child’s Christmas. All she would like is a Christmas wish sent her way.

And so we have two stockings. Thomas, so he tells me, has been checking them every morning, ‘just in case’.

Thus whole house has begun to get that special ‘feeling’, a little earlier than usual. I’ve even put on Christmas carols (oh, I love a good Christmas sing-along), dancing around the cramped confines of our lounge room as I teach both boys to ‘dip (back) and tilt (head)’ to Bing Crosby’s ‘Jingle Bells’ (yes, style +).

And thus Christmas has begun, and much of its associated activities. We’ve been painting and sprinkling sparkles, cutting and glueing, and finally, with the help of my visiting mother, who spent her professional life teaching primary school children, we’ve actually ended up with Christmas craft that we can show publicly!

I’ve always been one of those to lift my upper lip and scoff at those retail shops who hang their Christmas wares out a little too early. But I concede, I WAS WRONG, because putting everything out early only lengthens and heightens the expectation. Put it all out too late, and you’ve missed it! (The exception of course, is the Christmas tree, which would sadly die before Christmas, as really you can’t expect more than a month of it being stuck in a bucket without wilting. Excitingly, our annual ‘Christmas tree in a paddock’ hunt is coming up).

Today I even cooked up my now annual ‘Spicy Pear and Ginger Chutney’ (yes, the very same one that has failed to impress the judges in the Nabiac Show for 2 years running. But I have decided to make it my mission to keep entering it anyway – unless of course I eat it first) in preparation of my Christmas handouts. It felt good.

So I’m putting it out there, and encourage you all (if you do the Christmas thing, that is) – ‘Deck the halls, ’tis the season, don your gay apparel’ and bring Christmas into your hearth (if you have one) and home a little earlier this year, and indeed, every year!! For the simple reason, that it feels good!

Ho Ho Ho!



15 thoughts on “Christmas In November

  1. Nothing like this “post” to get us in the mood Bec! I am surrounded by Flour, Mixed Fruit, Eggs and whatever else is needed for Xmas Puddings and Cakes!! I will start NOW.

    Your decorations look great and you can add along the way! THAT is a good idea to start early and then it is done and you can enjoy. The Xmas pots, look good enough to eat. Definitely FIRST PRIZE! Well done!

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    • Good luck with that baking Mum… Don’t forget My pudding! (v. impressed by the way with the speed of your comment – first cab off the rank!)

  2. Haha I love this! I can’t wait for us to get our christmas tree. Yes, we might not celebrate too much not having kids but I am not going to miss out on the decorations…nor on the excessive baking that December entails.

    • Hi Nathalia (what a lovely name!) – fortunately, you’ll be able to put up the really beautiful decorations, knowing they will last longer than one season! Enjoy the music and time, and thank you for reading. Wish I could sample your excessive baking!

  3. Love this post – what a gorgeous lady Jenny is. I thought you had made those at first!! Yep, I agree – get into the festive season…

    • I just laughed out loud. Something you should know about me – I Do Not Sew (so much so, that I accidentally just spelt ‘Sew’ as ‘Sow’!)

  4. Bec, our Chrissie Tree is up too …. and for similar reasons. Oh the tears because we didn’t go trick or treating! As for those stockings – how lovely. I might have to move up there just to get my hands on one or two… I can’t understand why your chutney isn’t winning any prizes – maybe it needs some booze? Do you put booze in chutney?

    • Hmmm – interesting. As far as I know you don’t put booze in, something to think about for next year. Perhaps I could now add it retrospectively, with a stylish quick swig followed by a spoonful of chutney, swilled around in your mouth together?!

      By the way, I could actually acquire 2 stockings for you if you’re serious, with beautiful hand cross-stiched names. I think she is also selling them to visitors from the local craft shop…

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