It’s Showtime… again!

Well, can you believe it, a year has passed since my first blog. Incredibly, we don’t seem to have run out of things to talk about yet… In fact, on the contrary, there’s just more and more to say! (I can hear you writhing with excitement at the thought).

I am able to mark this significant date without even looking at the calendar, because as those of you who are particularly observant might have noticed from my title, it’s SHOWTIME again! Yes, that’s right, the Nabiac Show is on this Saturday. If anyone wants to make the trip up, it’s significantly less than the Royal Easter Show to get in – $7 adult; you don’t need to pay for parking; and highlights include the Demolition Derby at 6.30pm, and the Pie Baking Competition at 12. Oh, and the Kids and their Pets section for which Bec H’s and my boys and dogs will dress up as Spiderman with their ‘spiders’ for the Best Dressed Pets category.

… Damn. I’ve let the cat out of the bag haven’t I? Sorry Bec – but don’t worry, no one will have enough time to copy our (alright, your) very excellent idea. Victory is ours!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!

Hmmm, interesting. Showtime, it seems, brings out some unsavoury characteristics in some participants, incl. myself. Whilst it definitely encourages a strong sense of community and the ‘want’ to participate, it also becomes strangely, furtively, competitive. For example, if I’m completely honest last year, when I didn’t win the chutney section with my Ginger, Chilli and Pear Chutney (see It’s Showtime 2012) I remember experiencing a very slight – but nonetheless real – moment of disappointment when I saw there was no ribbon next to my jar. And whilst I really had thought I wouldn’t mind, I noticed myself saying things like ‘maybe the judges didn’t like pear’ (I mean, this chutney is delicious! How could it not have won?!! And how will I ever win the revered (cue god-like music) ‘Pavillion Medal’??)

So you see, I am of course going to have to put another jar in now… and next year, and the next, and the next, until I come across a judge who likes pear so I can get another blue ribbon to match my ‘Yummy Runny Mango Chutney’ (see what one surprising win can to do future expectations?? I am ruined. For more detail refer to my first Showtime entry in 2012).  And if I’m going to win that elusive Pavillion Medal, I’m going to have to enter any category I can with anything, just to spread my chances out. Yes, I risk over-committing and public humiliation, but so be it. Gotta be in it to win it.

No category for homemade hot cross buns

No category for homemade hot cross buns, unfortunately

So keeping that in mind, I have hopped onto the Net to read the ‘Schedules’ to see just what I might be able to enter. Sadly, my dedication to the cause at this late stage doesn’t stretch to driving all the way into town to have a photo or two printed for the photography section, so that’s out. ‘Handicraft’ and ‘Embroidery’ are also out. They are not skills I count amongst my own… I don’t even understand what most of the categories mean: Candlewick? Hardanger? Duchess Set? In fact, I’d like to take this moment to admit that in Year 7 sewing class I had my skilled cousin whose name starts with ‘T’ finish my stuffed gingham turtle and A-frame skirt so that I could pass the class (ah, that feels better – what a weight of guilt that has been on my shoulders over time).

Scanning down, my glance pauses on ‘Crochet’… Aha! Let us join together to publicly urge Bec H to submit one of her creations. C’mon Bec! Please, add your voices to mine!

Next up I come across ‘Hobbies’ – No. ‘Dolls Bears and Animals’ – No. ‘Flowers’ – No – my dahlias are yet to surface, and my roses are so few I can’t spare even one. ‘Vegetables’? Damn – ate the only corn cob today with Thomas in the vegie patch. Hmm.. .Spinach? Maybe – I have quite a lot of it as the kids refuse to eat it, but wow don’t the cows love it!

Things aren’t looking too good for me and the pavillion medal – 6 stalks of spinach won’t get me there. So I move on to baking… and am particularly struck by this category:

Chocolate Cake, made & iced by a male – not microwaved

I don’t think anything further needs to be said on that one.

So, to conclude, here is my list of ‘what to enter all being well on Saturday morning’ (NB my ‘out clause’ should I need it):

19. Scones, Plain, plate of 6

24. Brownies, plate of 6

32. Lemon Meringue, family size

29. Homemade Chutney, any variety 

Whilst there is no doubt that I could face public humiliation, I am sharing this with you in the hope you will be crossing your fingers for Bec and I and we will all have an opportunity as a ‘Two Becs In A Paddock’ family to bond – with tears or laughter, who knows?!! Oh….. the suspense!!! (Bec H – if you could kindly add your categories to the blog page that might increase our chances of bonding with our readers for a common cause).

Nabiac Show, here we come!


4 thoughts on “It’s Showtime… again!

    • Anna, quite honestly I will be lucky to make even one – last time I tried, I ended up eating it myself before I got there! (well, the pastry did look a little weak in one spot…) But you just never know…! Perhaps in the meantime you could give us a few words on what it actually feels like to be a ‘pavillion medal winner’??!! (oo -save that – I feel a guest blog coming on!)

  1. Ah Bec, the pressure! OK, here’s what I’m entering: Section 2 Photography, 2. Animals (a photo of Jones); Section 8 Crochet, 17. Tea Cosy, 21. Novice, any of above classes from entrant who has not won prize at Nabiac Show previously (a felted basket); Section 15 Vegetables, 16. Herbs, fresh bunch (more than one variety), 17. Herbs, fresh bunch (one variety), 26. 4 onions, brown, 29. Parsley, bunch. I’m looking at the watermelon, melon (any variety), pumpkin (butternut).. but frankly, between making the dogs’ costumes and getting everything else ready, I don’t think I can manage anything else. I have certainly run out of time for Section 9 Hobbies, 19. Leadlight, foil, any article. Perhaps next year…

  2. Well, Bec C, it looks like you’ll have to pick up your game to catch Bec H’s bid. Good luck to everyone, have heaps of fun – I’m looking forward to hearing (and seeing) the results.

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