Another fresh start

Well, it’s been over a year now since Bec C and I started blogging. However, we don’t feel all that comfortable calling ourselves ‘bloggers’.. yet. Fair dinkum bloggers seem to blog regularly. And frequently. Some even blog more than once a day. My mind bloggles (?) at the thought. They are obviously far more organised than me, and have much more to say (which according to Hubs is quite something). As you can see, it’s been a while between drinks for us, over a month since our last post. Oh dear.

Bec C and I have both been, well, caught up. With Christmas, New Year, holidays, you know. Just the regular December / January kind of stuff. No real decent excuses. We just both tend towards the disorganised end of the spectrum. I’m guessing though that you haven’t been holding your breath, nor sweating on our next post. Thank goodness.

Choosing our tree at the Burrell Creek Christmas Tree Farm

Choosing our tree at the Burrell Creek Christmas Tree Farm

It’s been a fun summer break, Christmas festivities, catching up with friends, relaxing, swimming, trying to escape the heat … and we’re only half way through.

I recall last summer came and went and we were left feeling robbed. Not so this summer. This is the sort of summer that reminds me of my childhood. Hot, sultry, sweaty, sunny, long. I also remember relishing the southerly busters as they would sweep through Sydney cooling the houses and their inhabitants, just in time for a restful slumber. The southerlies don’t hit here until much later and so we’ve spent many a night tossing and turning in 30 degree heat at 10 o’clock in the evening, trying to sleep. But I love it, you really know that it’s summer.


It’s also been dry here. The dams are at (recent) record lows, water tanks have been running on empty. The grass has been brown and crackles beneath your step. The plants are suffering. My hydrangeas look ill, all the agapanthus in our area have been burned, the strappy leaves now lying lifeless and wheat-coloured.

Thankfully over the last week, it has rained. We had 42 millimeters. Definitely worth celebrating. The tanks are somewhat replenished, the plants are thankful and the cattle are ecstatic. The pasture has turned a fluorescent green almost overnight. The steers’ heads are down munching on the new, fresh growth.

Speaking of new fresh growth, here’s to a fresh new start to 2013. From now on, I will be more organised, I will get serious with my vegie patch, I will spend more time gardening with The Kid, I will not prepare for my work at the last minute,  I will stop chasing my tail,.. and I will blog regularly (regularly that is, not ‘frequently’). Ah, that feels better already.

Here we go.

How was your Christmas and New Year break?
What are you going to do differently this year?

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1 thought on “Another fresh start

  1. Quite frankly, I’m just impressed you’re able to say ‘we had 42 millimetres of rain’ – what a country girl you have become! Bring on 2013!!

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