Excess Oranges Part 2

(NB: this is a comment cunningly disguised as a post, as I needed to insert photos)

Thanks Bec for making me look like I am a good producer (what a bit of luck!). By contrast, here is my lemon crop…

Survival of the Fittest

NB: I have not eaten or given away any others. This is it. I look forward to those orange recipes!

(Legitimate blog to follow on Monday!)

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About Bec C

I made the tree-change move from Sydney to my husband 'Dougal's' old family property on the mid-north coast several years ago, but only since the birth of my first son have I really lived here. In between raising 2 young sons, I am trying my hand at sustainable farm management... 'Trying' being the important word. Whilst the ability to pat my steers gives me much satisfaction, I love the fact that every morning I awake to space and open sky... even if it is 5am.

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